Saturday, July 7, 2007

Urban Artscape Workshop

Urban Space as a work of art -
The workshop is made by Urban Artscape (Jan Hatt-Olsen, Ásta Olga Mágnúsdottir), art group from Copenhagen and Cape Town. As part of Metropolis Thinking, Copenhagen.
In the workshop participants work through performance installations and interventions to create 'catalysators', which can initiate processes to tranform Urban Space as a whole into works of art, examining what a work of art in reality is.

The workshop will take place from the 30.7 – 3.8. The results of the workshops (made in Metropolis Thinking Lab) will be presented and evaluated by four international architects on 4.8 and 5.8.

In addition, nightly actions will be undertaken between Àsta and Jan -
We will walk around in the Copenhagen night with laptop, microphones, small loud speakers and sounds broadcast to people's mobile phones, like some 21 century alchemist to re-enchant urban spaces, so that the urban space as a whole and everyone, everything in it, will transform to the works of art and the artists they in fact already are.

As part of the Metropolis Biennial from the 27.7 – 30.8, focusing on the cross-over between art-architecture-urban planning – and urban research.

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