Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ulay Babait [Maybe at Home]

Ulay Babait [Maybe at Home]
Brazilian artists showing in Pyramida
Participating artists: Luiz Rodolfo Annes, Adriana Barreto, Ricardo Basbaum Marcio Botner & Pedro Agilson, Alex Cabral, Avraham Eilat, Michel Groisman, Rubens Manom, Regina Melim, Jorge Menna Barreto, Vadim Nemirovskiy, Yiftah Peled, Marga Punte, Laercio Redondo, Marco Paulo Rolla, Yehuda Yatsiv.
Coordinated by Yiftah Peled
17.07.07 - 17.08.2007

The exhibition “Ulay Babait” (Maybe at Home) is composed of artists who work in experimental , often interactive ways to develop living relationships between artists and participant. Some works are even intended to reach out beyond the space of the exhibition, sometimes all the way to the visitor's home. This happens through instructions or suggestions of participation that allow the spectators to become active participants in the work.
Ulay Babait poses a question for the visitor: Who really inhabits the house? This is also a more general territorial question; in other words, Who really inhabits any space? With whom is this territory divided or shared? And what are the possible dynamics and sensations involved in the relationships among all the possible inhabitants of a space?
Ulay Babait can be an answer for these questions; however it is a fragile answer that recognizes the cracks and the structural mistakes, that notices the flow and the fragile balance of our assumptions about the self.
-- Yiftah Peled, Coordinator

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