Sunday, July 20, 2008

fascist clothing in Mitte?

Biking through the fashionable neighborhood of Mitte in Berlin yesterday I found a number of sites loudly proclaiming anti-fascist and anti-racist sentiments. As it turns out, there has been a surge of protest against a clothing store that is accused of catering to the far right, neo-nazi shopper. The store carries a brand of clothes by Thor Steinar, whose clothes are preferred by the extreme right. The label has been involved in past legal battles with the German government about the representation of Nazi symbols in their clothing.
Activists have pushed for the landlord of the building to evict the shop and have successfully publicized the issue. The shop window was smashed and the facade was littered with paint bombs.
The site of the store is apparently significant. The street number of the address on Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse is said to refer to Hitler's initials: 1=A, 8=H.

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