Thursday, May 17, 2007

just in from HOMEWORK

Dear Friend,

How do you re-enact Paulo Freire's pedagogy today?

HOMEWORK invites you to participate in a project for an exhibition titled "Everyone is Friends With Paulo Freire," at PS122 Gallery in NYC, June 2-24th.

We are creating an archive of responses to Paulo Freire's pedagogical project, which linked education to social change through strategies such as dialogical action, developing transformative consciousness, praxis, and the rejection of the traditional "banking" model of education with the aim to "liberate the oppressed".

This research-based exhibition aims at understanding the influence of Freire's theories in contemporary cultural and pedagogical production in a pressing time characterized by global, dominant, neo-liberal policies that prioritize markets over individuals. It also explores our role as artists and educators in creating alternatives and counter-knowledge.

Please respond to this letter in any form you want (text, image, video, audio, etc.) and help to further the dialogue by forwarding it to anyone you think might want to engage in this project.

1) Remove any files already attached to this email.
2) Attach your response to this email/project/question in a file of up to 1MB.
3) Forward this invitation email and your attachment to 5 people, and cc so that we can include it in the exhibition.
**Please send us all contributions between now and May 30, 2007.

We look forward to your contribution!

HOMEWORK// Ditte Lyngkaer Pedersen, Jeuno J.E Kim, Carlos Motta, Lize Mogel

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
HOMEWORK is a year long collaboration between artists Ditte Lyngkaer Pedersen, Jeuno J.E Kim, Carlos Motta and Lize Mogel, which investigates the relationships between art, politics and pedagogy in a series of issues, and programs at PS122 Gallery and in the Contemporary Art Center in Aarhus, DK. HOMEWORK is funded by the Danish Arts Council's DaNY Arts Grant with support from PS122 Gallery.

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