Sunday, April 5, 2009

O Corpo da Voz / The Body of the Voice

In celebration of the new publication, The Body of the Voice, an event was held at the Livraria Odeon in Rio de Janeiro, including performances by Alex Hamburger, Rubens Pileggi and Brandon LaBelle, along with a presentation by Annette Stahmer, the editor of the publication, along with Octavio Camargo. The publication brings together essays, documents, and artist projects investigating the materiality of language, histories of voice media, and the ways in which voice comes to circulate in and between bodies. With Alex Hamburger playing back his answering machine messages while making spoken poetical voice-overs related to the subject of sound art, and Rubens Pileggi presenting a discourse on the history of Brazil's military dictatorship while holding his head underwater, and LaBelle circulating through the crowd silently passing questions to visitors (what do you fear most?) and asking them to write their responses directly onto his shirt, the event came to make a series of manifestations of the body of the voice.

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