Tuesday, January 20, 2009

silent disco radio action

from headphones to room speakers to radio transmissions - silent disco as generative spatiality for the production of ethereal bodies

this gets plugged in here,
turn up the volume,
hit the switch,
we're going live,
you place your foot here,
pull the cable,
place the speaker there,
and another there,
then move over there, into the center,
throw your sound into the air,
hit the floor,
it goes up,
to a satellite 50,000 kilometers in the sky,
to come back down again,
hitting the earth,
everyone's listening,
to your skin

where is my foot?
who is that body?
how does this work?
the leg is connected to a microphone connected to a network of electronics
and connected to the broadcasting system,
the grid of national security,
the fluids of national listening,
this foot is in the nation's ear,
your body is on-air
your body is only air
sweat on-air
you are sweaty radio

take your hand and search for the wall,
find the wall,
there is no exit,
only rooms within a room,
a building within the city,
a city under the sky,
all this blackness and stars,
going up and going down,
making circles in the room,
making circles in the sky,
dancing as a transmission,
dancing in your neighbor's living room,
dancing in the mayor's office,

give me your leg,
give me your thigh,
give me your hip,
give me your shoulder,
give me your lips,
give me your hand,
your finger,
your knee,
your foot,
throw it around and around,
throw it across the city
it rises up as a sonic action
a dream dance

the warmth inside
the coldness outside
the wetness
down the back
sweat sweat sweat
body heat filling the room
filling the broadcast
filling the listener's bedroom
filling the national grid
back up now, don't look
just back up and bump into someone
bump into the broadcast
bump into the room

the walls disappear
the ground rises up
the roof blows away
there's a storm outside, coming in
it blows you around
the room is a pressure zone
of electricity
of body-energy
of radio control
of no control

the room is turned inside out
the body is turned inside out
sound on the skin
sound in the hair
transmissions going in
transmissions going out
the skin is a radio

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