Friday, October 31, 2008

Erik Gongrich lecture Sunday November 2

If you happen to be in Berlin this weekend, starting at noon on Sunday there will be a 25min. lecture every hour until 11:00p.m. as part of the exhibition Megastructure Reloaded
Molkenmarkt 2 / Berlin - Mitte
Sunday the 2.nov. is also the last day of the exhibition Megastructure Reloaded.

12 hours "megaminis" are lectures about...
...found architecture and monuments
...sculptures that are transformed into living houses
...the beginning of the misunderstanding
...billboard-house-clusters with private messages
...close encounters and the real monuments and fountains
...influencing reality by using the image of Brasilia
...placing an island in the middle of São Paulo
...duty free shops displays and public space in exhibitions
...interventions in public space
...projections offering escape
...searching the mega in big houses and the Tirana-Durres-strip

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