Monday, January 7, 2008

Rainbow Audio Transformation

8 –13 January 2008
Opening Friday 11 January at 20.00
at Extra City, Antwerp

This project brings 12 artists together working on a collective experiment on the relation between colour and sound, departing from the 7 colours of the rainbow, with white and black added. Each artist and/or collective works on a specific colour, using both intuition and scientific sources, and will produce a looped sound piece. After approximately one month of experiments, all artists come together in Antwerp for some days, after which these individual works will be synthesized into one collective installation, made up of 9 sound works played simultaneously.

Participating artists

Mike Harding and Philip Marshall
working with RED (wavelength ≈ 625–750 nm) and ORANGE
(wavelength ≈ 585–620 nm)

Finnbogi Pétursson
working with YELLOW (wavelength ≈ 570–580 nm)

Maia Urstad
working with GREEN (wavelength ≈ 520–570 nm)

Leon Milo
working with BLUE (wavelength ≈ 440–490 nm)

Brandon LaBelle
working with INDIGO (wavelength ≈ 450–420 nm)

Jana Winderen
working with VIOLET (wavelength ≈ 380–420 nm)

CM von Hausswolff
working with WHITE (all colors of the light spectrum)

Building Transmissions: Nico Dockx, Kris Delacourt and Peter Verwimp
working with BLACK (which absorbs all colors and reflects none)

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