Sunday, November 4, 2007


A contemporary art project that takes place in various locations on the streets of Downtown Cairo
5-15 November 2007
In the megalopolis that is present-day Cairo, public space is a scarce resource. 3ARRASIF: TALES AROUND THE PAVEMENT is a contemporary art project exploring Downtown Cairo's existing public spaces where residents are allowed to gather and interact as a site in which the complex relationship between the city's dwellers and its various governing bodies is constantly negotiated and redefined. 8 artists, designers and architects are commissioned to produce new projects through which they subtly disrupt the urban landscape by reinventing some of the guerrilla-style tactics and survival strategies employed by city dwellers on a daily basis in the public sphere.
Curated by Aleya Hamza and Edit Molnar

TALES AROUND THE PAVEMENT (CAIRO UNCLASSIFIED) is a project commissioned by MEETING POINTS 5 (MP5), a multi-disciplinary contemporary arts festival organized by the YOUNG ARAB THEATRE FUND taking place in the Middle East and North Africa in November 2007.
Marwan Fayed
Eklego Design
Mohamed Allam
Malak Helmy and Essam Abdallah
Mahmoud Hamdy
Kareem Lotfy
George Azmy

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