Saturday, October 27, 2007

Waiting for Gordon

the floor is a double floor, a surface upon a surface, a disjointed and amended space, a room within a room, dislocated and relocated, from Antwerp to Los Angeles, from 1975 to 2007, a floor without its building, and yet finding a building here, suggesting a link while skirting the connection, remaining out of bounds, and yet all the more considered, cared for, examined - scrutiny in the cracks, along the floorboards, amidst the dust - a question in the form of a splinter, poetry in the abandoned, the floor is but a piece, ripped off from its origin, torn from the whole and made a part: it plays its part in this performance of spatial imagination, of art historical surveying, a cataloguing and disseminating of floors... This is Gordon's calling card, in the form of a floor, yet one which I do not stand on, but which I stand back from, admire as a bystander, a participant once or twice or three times removed, like a distant cousin arriving too late for the party... It comes in the form of additions and subtractions, of locations and dislocations, of making do and cooking up more, of occupying and being occupied, and it leaves according to surprising exits, through sudden doors and new perspectives, rough edges and cut slivers: the alphabet of the built is given a boost on this floor, arriving at new dance steps that makes every background useful material for transformative constructions.

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